Schumann and company crafted (the Tchaikovsky Piano Trio) to be equal parts breathtaking technique and passionate emotion …. deftly interpreted the (Beethoven Kreutzer Sonata's) vast scale, coaxing great nuance from a score that sweeps in mood from furious to meditative and joyously exuberant … a testament to sheer power and endurance.

Michelle Schumann of the Austin Chamber Music Center, demonstrated that Third Coast avant-garde is capable of keeping up with whatever standards are being set elsewhere. Schumann made powerful work of a trio of short ragtime-inflected piano pieces penned by Uzbekistan-born composer Elena Kats-Chernin, which briefly lent the church setting the flavor of a Russian salon.

The interplay between Schumann's piano and Torgul's violin had an intricacy that felt painstakingly detailed and wholly organic at the same time. Road Movies ebbed and flowed. Schumann and Torgul gave a thrilling reading.

...whip-smart sense of programming...

that musical typhoon, Michelle Schumann

irresistible, smart and utterly captivating ... (with a) casual yet dynamic flair

masterly (and) alive to the rhythmic variety and dissonance of the music, while also drawing out every exotic and melodic color of the score.

perfectly timed and richly felt

You only have to listen to her once to know that playing music is what Michelle Schumann is meant to be doing. When she's at the piano, she doesn't just make sounds with it; she coaxes feelings from it, vivid emotions in cascading rhythms and artfully shaded tones. In every note she strikes, you can hear a sensitivity to the drama and colors of the score expressed through fingers that float over the keys in a ballet. She connects to the music in a way that transcends the cognitive. She just gets it.

…a performance of Hummel’s Septet, Op.74 was held together nicely by pianist Michelle Schumann…

The late avant-garde composer (John Cage) couldn’t have had a better 90th birthday homage thanks to Schumann….